About us

SequriX is a spin-off from software and ICT specialist Sigmax, a company with four different business units, each with its own field of expertise. Sigmax is developing innovative software for corporate users on handhelds, tablets and smartphones.

What is SequriX

SequriX is the management software for private security companies. Digitize your alarm response, mobile- and manned guarding services. With SequriX you manage all information on objects, customers, locations, carfleet and contracts in an online backoffice system. Security officers are equipped with a smartphone on which they can log findings and efficiently respond to alarms.

Our ambition

SequriX was developed to support your security operations as effectively as possible, and this is our overriding aim at all times. Our ambition is to continuously develop and improve SequriX with smart features to further support your security company now and in the future. Our ambition and efforts in this respect are turning SequriX into the software standard for security companies in Europe, and beyond!

About Sigmax

Sigmax, the parent company of SequriX, started in 1998 as a system management partner for medium-sized organizations. Setting up and managing ICT infrastructures is still what we are doing on a daily basis. Since 2002 we also develop innovative software for corporate users on handhelds, tablets and smartphones. We have developed successful solutions for the enforcement and supervisory tasks of more than 120 municipalities (including the cities Amsterdam, Brussels and Geneva), police and all public transport in The Netherlands. Sigmax also provides mobile support for field service companies such as Carglass, Maas International, Saval, ProRail and RRS.

Sigmax consists of 4 business units each with their own area of expertise.

  • Law Enforcement; software for municipalities and cities
  • Public Transport; software for the public transport
  • Field Mobility; software for field service organisations
  • SequriX; software for private security companies

Read more about Sigmax on www.sigmax.eu.