“With SequriX we are always up to date software-wise in case of market developments.”

SERIS makes security future proof through SequriX software

SERIS Netherlands is opting for SequriX to equip its mobile security department with an intuitive, future-proof software platform. Thanks to this solution, security personnel can easily work digitally and constantly contribute to the company objective: offering a total solution to the client when it comes to security matters.

SequriX offers SERIS an all-in-1 solution allowing security companies to digitise their entire company process: from planning to alarm response and from mobile patrols to a user-friendly portal for clients. With a dozen cars at its disposal, SERIS primarily deploys its mobile security department in the Rotterdam Rijnmond-Drechtsteden area. Thanks to a high density of cars in this area, they can guarantee short response times to their clients.

Own system

“Before, we used a system we developed ourselves”, Pieter van den Herik, Operational Director at SERIS Nederland, explains. “While this solution had proper foundations, we had a double role in this situation. We fully bore the costs of development and had to accurately map out the ideas at SERIS.”

Van den Herik continues: “Thanks to SequriX, the situation has changed completely: we benefit from the ideas of all SequriX customers and bear the costs together. The development process is faster as well, so certain functionalities can be made available to all SequriX users within a short timeframe. That way, we are always up to date software-wise in case of market developments.”

Smooth process

“During the implementation process, SequriX actively assisted us”, Van den Herik explains. “That way, we could count on quick and thorough answers to any questions we had about the system, which led to a smooth process. We picked a specific date to start using SequriX. We first ran the system parallel to our own, allowing our alarm centre and the security staff to get used to it. That way, we could actually go live on the designated date. The implementation of SequriX was rather straightforward.”

SERIS mobiele surveillant

Addition of client portal

What is one of the positive changes compared to the previous system? “The user-friendliness and the modern look of SequriX,” Van den Herik replies. “Moreover, every button in the system has the right name, so they are recognisable to our security staff. On top of that, we and our clients wanted a customer portal. In our previous system, we would have had to develop one ourselves. In the SequriX software, however, this is already an existing functionality. We have received positive reactions about this from our customers, and it helps us in our quotation process.”

Vision for the future

“Our ambition is to maintain constant growth without affecting the quality of our service,” Van den Herik explains. “Currently, we are not making use of all the possibilities of the platform yet, so there are plenty of opportunities there. In the near future, we want to start using the programme fully and to continue our cooperation with SequriX. That way, we can achieve great advances in development and lift our service to the highest level.”