All Contracts in One Place
Central Management of Contracts

All customer orders in just one place – including transit times, service instructions and customer documents.

Automated Price Changes_2
Automated Price Changes

Want to increase the rates for your services? With just a few clicks, you can change flat rates, unit rates and hourly rates, even in plannable profiles (e.g. on January 1st).

Integrated Invoicing Module

After the work is done, the invoice is directly available to you. You can send it by e-mail or export it to your accounting system.

2_Customer & Contract

All-in-One Solution

No More Searching in Folders and Files

Endless searches for addresses or contact information belong to the past. With our contract management system, you register and manage all of your customer's information down to the last detail. Our software supports you in organizing and managing the data entered.

3_Customer & Contract

Flexible Pricing

Price Changes
Made Easy

During the lifetime of a customer contract, prices change and need to be adjusted in all aspects of the invoicing. A task that takes up a lot of time. With SequriX, you make a single adjustment and the system takes care of the rest.

5_Customer & Contract

Integrated Holiday Module

Streamline Your Task Management on Holidays

Working on holidays is peppered with exemptions: Some customers require your services as usual, others need it at a different time or not at all. The risk of carrying out tasks unnecessarily or unintentionally forgetting them is high. Our software empowers you to enter your customers' unique holiday preferences, preventing you from additional costs or unsatisfied clients.

4_Customer & Contract

Contract notifications

No Services Performed Without Payment

Eliminate the risk of still serving expired contracts that your customers aren't paying for anymore. Always receive contract notifications about your customers. Our system ensures that you will always stay informed about contract end dates, so no services are performed without payment.

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Customer Quotes

What Our Customers Think About Us

SequriX is easy to understand and can be used quickly by all employees, all in one place. A real added value for our company.


SequriX has enabled us to achieve much better documentation and traceability in our on-site security.

avitea Industrieservice GmbH Christian Hetzel

With SequriX we are always up to date software-wise in case of market developments.


Response time has now become a matter of seconds thanks to the connection with SequriX. Previously, it took up to 5 minutes by phone before a suitable security guard was found at an external surveillance company to follow up the alarm. All communication is digital and automated.

Securitas Netherlands

Contract Management

All Features at a Glance

Find all important features clearly listed in this overview.

All Contracts in One Place
All Contracts In One Place

With SequriX, you have all customer orders in one place, so you don't have to search for long.

Icon_Clear Customer Agreements_3
Clear Customer Agreements

All customer requests and special arrangements can be entered and employees are informed immediately.

Contract Duration_new
Contract Duration

Individual contract durations also for individual contract lines and contract changes.

Automated Price Changes_2
Price Changes

Define in profiles which orders are to be adjusted at which times.

Invoice Module

Generate complete and clear invoices for your customers with just a few mouse clicks.

Holiday Module

Thanks to the integrated holiday module, finishing patrols won’t be forgotten and no round will be overrun.

Integrated With Accounting
Integration With Accounting

You can of course export all invoices created in SequriX and read them into your accounting system.

(Customer Specific) Approach Times-1
Customer-Specific Approach Times

SequriX uses time stamps to accurately track approach times.

Automated Tasks (Reports)-1
Automated Tasks

You type in the contract data and SequriX automatically creates all the tasks needed for the job for your employees.

Contract Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still unanswered questions? Don't worry! Check out our FAQ-section. Here you'll find more details about our product.

Yes, our holiday module makes sure that services are always carried out as set in the contract. Sometimes you are required to be at a site on a public holiday and sometimes not. With SequriX you can set a region specific holiday profile for the specific job and define whether the task should be carried out on a holiday.

Yes, our indexation option allows you to set an automatic price increase in a contract. For example, every 1st of January by X %. This saves a lot of administrative work.

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Curious about whether the platform meets all your requirements?
Book an online demo and we would like to show you how SequriX can improve your security company.