There has been a battle between Android and iOS for years. Many of us have preferences on both a business and personal level. SequriX chooses Android for the security of your data, but what are the benefits of Android for the user of our app?

Always up to date

A big advantage of Android is that updates are performed quickly. While it takes one to two weeks with Apple for an update of the application to be processed in the App Store, Android only takes a few hours. Is there a new update available and is the device connected to the internet? The invigilator will automatically receive a notification about the update. If users still want to start with an old version, the invigilator can only continue after the update has been carried out. This way, invigilators always work with the safest and most recent version of the application.

NFC tags

Scanning NFC tags is a common tool in the security industry. On Android, scanning these tags is possible on almost all devices, while iOS is only supporting this from iOS 13 (iPhone 6). It is therefore not possible to scan checkpoints during rounds with devices with an older version of iOS.


Ruggedized devices are also available for Android users. Consider, for example, the CAT or Bluebird, which you can drop without problems during your shift. This is not an unnecessary luxury for invigilators who are often on the road, everyone sometimes drops their smartphone, right?! Not interested in a ruggedized type of smartphone? No problem, because brands such as LG, Motorola or Samsung are also a possibility. Because SequriX can be installed on any Android smartphone, you can choose the device that suits your needs.

Don’t miss an alarm

The last, but certainly not unimportant advantage: an app on an iOS device may be active in the background to a limited extent. In SequriX, this conflicts with the real-time receiving of alarms. By using Android, the SequriX app is always active in the background and continuously retrieves information. It is very important as an invigilator to receive all alarm messages as quickly as possible and to carry out work properly.

Wondering if you can easily install SequriX on your own device? Please contact us and we will consult you about the possibilities for your company.