Trigion, a Dutch security company, has chosen the software solution provided by SequriX to digitize their static security services. This decision marks a step forward in Trigion's operational effectiveness and ensures quality for their clients. 

Over the past few years, SequriX has proven itself as a reliable SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for security companies in the areas of (alarm) automation, workforce management, and business operations. Trigion opted for this software solution to further digitize and automate their static security.

This move makes paperless work the standard, contributing significantly to the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of their overall service.


Quality with SequriX

Ensuring quality and compliance with important standards and regulations were crucial factors in Trigion's decision-making process. In SequriX they found a solution that supports them on various fronts crucial to the security business. The software solution improves processes related to data capture, provides automated reporting, and allows them to consistently work according to contractual agreements.

"The SequriX team plays an important role in delivering high quality and continuous development of our platform for the domains of static security, retail, and mobile patrol for our clients. The trust from Trigion is a wonderful compliment to the team and our product."

Rogier de Mare
Managing Director at SequriX


Digital Transformation

The transformation goes beyond just digitizing processes: It provides insights for a sustainable and future-proof way of working. In this transformation, Trigion prioritizes its people, with employees being at the center. SequriX's software plays a supporting role by simplifying processes, allowing employees the peace of mind to fully focus on their core tasks.

"It's a great development in the digital transition we are working on at Trigion. SequriX contributes to the quality of customer service in a transparent web-based environment that can be quantified."

Paul Boumans
Regional Director at Trigion.

About Trigion

Trigion approaches security with a broader perspective than simply implementing standard security and security products and services. They believe an inspiring and safe living environment requires integral solutions that combine physical services with technology and (data) intelligence.

About SequriX

SequriX is an innovative SaaS solution for easily digitizing security processes. With SequriX, security companies can manage and execute their mobile patrol, static security, and alarm intervention all from one central platform.