Video surveillance has been an important tool for the security industry for years. Kooi Camera Surveillance took that tool and put it on a whole new level by instrumenting it to increase safety in remote and unattended locations such as construction sites that are oftentimes targets of vandalism. To unlock even more possibilities and overcome challenges, SequriX and Kooi Camera Surveillance have decided to collaborate.

Why SequriX and Kooi joined forces

Since Kooi Camera Surveillance is active internationally, it can be a challenging and complex task to find security companies in all locations to handle alarm follow-ups – especially where language barriers come into play. This is where SequriX steps in with an interactive platform that offers a solution.

The SequriX Hub is a platform for security companies that want to unlock new operating areas with subcontractors and increase their business activities. In this process, an easy and straightforward communication is crucial. This is why the SequriX Hub is designed to streamline exactly that: communication between a company and its subcontractor.

When Kooi Camera Surveillance has a new project, they can add it to the SequriX Hub. From there, it is distributed to all SequriX customers, so that a local contractor can accept it and provide the necessary services.

The benefits of the collaboration

This collaboration is a classic win-win-situation:

By using the SequriX Hub, Kooi Camera Surveillance no longer has to search for new subcontractors every time they start a new project. A process that can oftentimes be rather time-consuming. With SequriX, Kooi Camera Surveillance gains access to a pool of trusted professionals ready to handle their projects. Furthermore, SequriX offers them the ability to receive standardized reports and all administrative tasks are handled through the platform.

For SequriX and its customers, the perks are just as convincing. They receive exclusive revenue through the SequriX Hub without incurring acquisition costs. On the one hand, this provides an opportunity to expand their businesses. On the other hand, it ensures a steady flow of new projects to secure further business success.

A promising start and further expansion

The collaboration has been in full swing since last summer and new sites are constantly added. The initial rollout is currently limited to the Netherlands. Should the project prove successful, the goal is clear: to expand this unique solution to other countries.

Stay tuned for more updates!