It will not surprise you: almost every smartphone owner can be localized 24/7 using the installed apps on his or her phone. Companies behind these apps can accurately track users’ movement. An indispensable function for a navigation app, but in many cases, tracking is not essential. What are the advantages of GPS in the workplace compared to your private life?

Privacy issues?

When checking your app settings, chances are that they are set to “Always” or “When using” when it comes to tracking your location. This is necessary when you use an app while running to measure your speed or a weather app that shows you when it is going to rain in your hometown. On the one hand, it makes our lives a lot easier. But is it safe, is something we increasingly ask ourselves. The media tells us that information is sold to third parties and that GPS data is misused. So it does not only have advantages for the private individual, in contrast to the security guard where this is the case.

Security through GPS

Security guard surveillance: GPS. Features in the SequriX app also use the GPS location of the smartphone. Not only to determine where an alarm should go, but also for the safety of the security guard. For the so-called “lone workers”, a man-down functionality is not an unnecessary luxury. Since security guards usually work alone, they also benefit greatly from this man-down function. In an emergency, the security guard can sound the alarm, in addition, an automatic inactivity detection takes place. Because if the security guard does not move for a preset number of minutes or shows no activity, he or she will receive a push message. This proactive approach forces the security guard to give a sign of life in order to continue his work. If this sign is not given, colleagues will receive a notification, including GPS location. This way they know that something is going on and where they need to be to offer help.

Rescue for lone workers

That this function is of great importance to the lone workers in the security industry is made clear in the article of the Dutch newspaper AD about a security officer of the company alert. He emphasizes that the solution is important for the safety of security guards who work alone. For example, the lone worker is not completely dependent on himself, but can quickly call his colleagues in case of emergency. Would a security guard also want to be followed this way in his/her spare time? We don’t think so, but during work this function is indispensable for security guards.

Do your security guards have a man-down function? Make sure they can start their security round with a feeling of safety. Leave your details and we will gladly inform you about the advantages of this function.