By automating various processes within security companies, work becomes simpler and less prone to error. SequriX encourages cooperation between different parties, such as realizing links with external partners. A good example is the link with private emergency services, which saves time for many security companies.

Connecting to external systems

SequriX is constantly looking for opportunities to simplify processes. For example, it is possible to share sales entries and sales invoices from SequriX with various accounting packages such as Exact online, Snelstart and AFAS. This applies not only to accounting, but also to ERP systems such as Syntess or software for personnel planning that takes into account a collective bargaining agreement.

In practice

For Alert Group, SequriX has created a link in close collaboration with AFAS. This link enables automation between AFAS and SequriX, resulting in enormous time savings for Alert. AFAS shares the master data with SequriX and the work performed in SequriX is sent back to AFAS. This makes it possible to create and process reports and invoices from AFAS.

Development API

To make automation even easier in the future, SequriX is implementing an API to interface with scheduling packages. This API allows security companies to interface with a scheduling package of their choice. Thus, security companies work more efficiently with SequriX and can continue to use other software packages that fit their needs.