With cloud-based applications from evalink and SequriX, you can not only revolutionize your alarm management process, but also generate recurring revenue and grow your business. The integration allows you to dispatch guards directly from evalink’s automated workflows, improve alarm response time, and offer customers a complete end-to-end alarm management solution.

A more efficient response to alarms

With SequriX and evalink, you can digitize and automate alarm responses from mobile and on-site security services. The new integration is designed to improve communication between operators and response teams. You can rely on evalink’s intelligent workflow to automate the deployment process, remove manual steps, and reduce response time to the essentials.

Make data-driven decisions

A simplified dashboard lets you view real-time information about alarm status, guard location, and response progress. After guard dispatch, all data, including reports, are available in evalink analytics for further analysis. This allows you to optimize operations and provide excellent services to customers while ensuring the safety of your guards – all from one convenient place.

 "This integration represents a major step up for security managers looking to simplify their intervention process and respond quickly to alarms. Not only does it enable them to run more efficient operations from one convenient place, but it also expands their services with evalink’s extensive connectivity. We’re excited to see what our users will build with evalink and SequriX."

Apostolos Smyrnakis
Customer Success Manager evalink


Simply better security services

The combination of both solutions optimizes your workflows. Not only do control centers work more efficiently with the help of both of our software products, but we also improve business opportunities for security companies by ensuring that the right information about alarms is always available to employees or partner security companies. This allows you to support your customers with ongoing services. And at the same time, ensure a constant flow of revenue that helps you grow your business. All of this is done by:

  • Improving alarm response time: Automatically verify alarms, eliminating false positives and ensuring that only genuine incidents are forwarded to your operations center.
  • Enhancing monitoring: evalink effortlessly monitors the entire guard dispatch process. It is now possible to gain real-time insights into the guard’s intervention progress (pictures, comments, etc.), emergency requests, and backup needs for optimal monitoring.
  • Simplifying reporting: After a guard’s intervention, reporting tasks become simple by accessing historical data and reports in evalink in one click.
  • Recurring revenue opportunities: Provide customers with ongoing services, such as remote alarm monitoring, maintenance, and system upgrades.
  • Check armed/disarmed system status: The integration allows you to check the status of your systems even if an alarm wasn't triggered. 

"We are thrilled to partner with evalink. Not only will it provide security companies with even more opportunities to operate more efficiently, increase their revenue and grow their businesses, but it will also simplify alarm interventions to an even greater extent. We are excited to see how our unique connection will positively impact and streamline our users’ day-to-day work."

Rogier de Mare
Managing Director SequriX


About evalink

evalink empowers security professionals to deliver better security services to their customers by simplifying and future-proofing alarm management through a unified, easy-to-use, and multi-certified security platform.