The security industry collaborates extensively, often with outsourcing assignments to other PBOs, the so-called subcontractors. SequriX is developing a new platform: the SequriX Hub to reduce the administrative burden that this entails and to make it easier for main and subcontractors to find each other.

SequriX Hub in short

What exactly is the SequriX Hub and how does it help main and subcontractors in their work? These are the main points of the Hub:

  • The Hub makes it easy to find a suitable subcontractor;
  •  You digitally record all agreements between main and subcontractor;
  • Share all object data safely and confidentially;
  • Receive your reports digitally in the back office;
  • It is possible to provide reports for the client with its own logo.

Launch platform during event

The platform was introduced during the SequriX event in October 2019. The 60+ attendees were told the story of why this platform was developed and they were shown the first screens. This was also the time to receive feedback and to. In addition, security companies who were at the launch could indicate whether they wanted to participate in the pilot. In the first quarter of 2020, the participants of the pilot will outsource work to their subcontractors with the Hub to share experiences with the SequriX team.
Curious about the benefits of the SequriX Hub for both the main and subcontractor? See the following page for all information: