Things like getting out of the car multiple times at large locations to scan checkpoints or forgetting a task like turning off the lights due to the lack of a checklist can be pretty inconvenient. With our new checkpoint types, you no longer have to worry about that. Introducing GPS and manual checkpoints as of today!

During a surveillance route, guards are sometimes required to scan checkpoints at an object. The checkpoint represents a checkpoint that should be checked off as a sign that the guard has been there and a check has been made. In addition to existing support for NFC tags, barcodes and QR codes, there is now support for manual and GPS checkpoints within SequriX.

Manual checkpoints

First up is a new option for manual checkpoints that can be used for such things as checklists. These manual checkpoints can be used both on mobile and in the back office. Useful for the supervisor to use as a checklist during his shift: for example, has the emergency stairwell been checked or the alarm system turned on? He simply checks off these tasks when they are completed.

GPS checkpoints

The second new checkpoint type is the GPS checkpoint. This checkpoint type is intended for locations on the premises, such as a large business park. Checkpoints are automatically checked off when the guard comes within the specified distance of the checkpoint. The specified radius must be at least 15 meters. The GPS checkpoints allow guards to focus on control and security during a business park inspection tour, and checkpoints are automatically checked off by the software as they pass.

Curious about the possibilities or would you like to work with the new checkpoint types as a SequriX user? Please contact us.