Patrick Keizers, Senior Manager at RJ Safety & Security, explains: “Our customers come to us to benefit from our skills and expertise in burglary and theft prevention. The task for our security staff on the ground is to carry out inspection patrols, and to flag up and respond to any unusual activity or findings. By automating the process with SequriX we have reduced the workload on our security officers while out on patrol. There is no longer any need to complete paper reports, since SequriX automatically sends these to clients by e-mail. That way, together with the customer, we are sure the information always gets to the right person.”

All instructions at hand

“SequriX makes it possible to rapidly share information, as captured data is quick and easy to access. The information the security officer finds and records is saved to the back office system not just the same day, but that instant, allowing it to be further processed immediately. Not having any paper administration is saving us a great deal of time”, according to Patrick Keizers.

Turnkey solution

“SequriX is a turnkey system, another reason we chose this product. All you need to get started is a personal login code. The demands on our own ICT network are minimal. SequriX provides support, maintains the application and makes structural improvements to the software, which means we are assured of an up-to-date solution that will grow over time.”

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