SequriX is a software system that allows security companies to digitize their surveillance, reception services and alarm response processes. All data about objects, customers, locations, vehicle fleet and contracts can be managed in one system. Patrolling security officers are equipped with a smartphone on which they can log findings and efficiently respond to alarms. In addition, reporting to customers with SequriX is better and more transparent than before.


Rethinking the work process

De Boer describes how, until recently, almost all companies in the security industry did their work. “Everything was done with handwritten notes. We had carbon copy paper with all different kind of codes. Those sheets were collected at the office and further processed by the administration department. Everything was done manually and registered in a large Excel file. It worked perfectly well, but we saw that it could be more efficient and better.” 

Relevant information

The digitization of Vigilat Security meant both more efficiency and a more professionalization. At the start of a shift, an employee logs in to the SequriX application on his smartphone. He first sees a list of tasks to be done within the shift. From customer to customer, it is clear what is expected from the security guard. “It works both ways,” says De Boer. “Our customers are happy because they have direct insight into what happened. After each inspection by our security guard, they automatically receive a PDF with all relevant information in their mailbox. Information about who was where and what happened, customers want these insights.”

The other side is that the employees of De Boer can focus on what is really important. “Our people have more time on their shift now that they do not have to concern about manually writing reports and can focus on their profession. They are the eyes and ears of our customers, that is their strength and partly because of that they are so appreciated.”

In addition, there are also benefits for internal management. “The digitization of the security processes also means an end to the administrative burden in the back office. After the security officer has finished a task, it is immediately logged in our back office. With a simple click on the button, the billing can be put in motion.” De Boer explains. “In this way, we can cut significantly on administrative personnel costs.”

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Especially in the security industry one knows how important information security is. De Boer: “We realize that sending crucial data over the internet can be potentially dangerous. Neither we nor our customers want data to be stolen. Our customers trust us with their belongings and we must never betray that. We know every detail of their premises and are in possession of the pass codes for their alarm system as well as their keys.” For De Boer it meant that he could not go into business with the first IT club. “We chose very deliberately for SequriX. They are experienced in creating software, including for police and government. They know what it means to be confidential with critical information.”


Software in the cloud

SequriX is an online system and all data is stored in a secure cloud. When security companies subscribe to the software they will get full support. Rogier de Mare, Managing Director of SequriX: “The supervision and implementation are crucial. Not only for security but also for us. We do not just sell a simple software app. We are an important partner of the security companies. Furthermore, we help to optimize their business processes. The product of SequriX is not exclusively reserved for Vigilat. Any security company, large or small, can start using the software. And when the company grows, the software grows with them. So now everyone can join the digitization trend in the security industry.”

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