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SequriX is the management software for private security companies. With SequriX, you gain twenty-four seven (24/7) understanding and overview of your company’s performance. Everything is managed throughout one central system that can be reached through a secure connection. Paper records are nog longer needed!


For the optimal usage of SequriX it is necessary to collect data regarding the location of the device. In addition, it is necessary to gain access to SMS/MMS usage. For taking pictures in SequriX, usage of the device’s camera is required. For the full functioning of SequriX, access is needed to files, including pictures and media stored on the device itself or external. SequriX will not modify, nor delete or share your pictures, media and other files that can be found on the device or are stored external.


SequriX applies a security level that is in accordance with the Dutch Law for the protection of personal information (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens). In addition, your information in SequriX is encrypted. You are solely responsible for the content, the usage and/or the processing of the data, and to prevent any infringement of rights of third parties. All data from tasks, reported as completed, will be sent directly to the SequriX backoffice throughout a secure connection. As an additional protection of your data, the data will appear on the device for a limited time only. Without your consent, the data collected by SequriX will not be shared nor processed for any other purpose than the offered service.

Inspection, correction and right of objection

You can check your personal data in SequriX. In case of any inaccuracies, you can, if possible, alter or delete the data yourself, or request us to alter or delete the data by sending an e-mail to, calling us on +31(0)53 480 3123, or writing us on PO Box 1243, 7500 BE in Enschede, The Netherlands. SequriX has its registered office at Capitool 13, 7521 PL in Enschede, The Netherlands.

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SequriX reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy. Adjustments made to this Privacy Policy will be published at this website.

The usage of this application means that you agree with this Privacy Policy and the General Terms & Conditions of SequriX.

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SequriX privacy statement, cookie statement and disclaimer

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