Does your security company choose the most efficient way of working? In this blog, you can read how SequriX helps you perform object security and reception tasks. By using our software, security guards can use a digital logbook on either a desktop computer or tablet for e.g. visitor registrations. If they need to perform internal and external rounds, they can simply switch to the mobile application. All this takes place in an online secure environment.

Cross-service logbook

For daily activities in object security, at fixed posts or reception services, SequriX is a handy tool that optimally supports security guards in their work. On a PC or tablet, they register daily activities in self-configurable categories. In the logbook, registered activities from the past are also visible. This simplifies the shift handover and with the search function, specific reports from the past are quickly retrieved. Visitor logs are also cross-departmental, so security guards are aware of the situation at the object at all times.

Specific report

If there has been an incident or official report needs to be made, you easily convert a log entry into a specific report, which can be shared as a PDF file by e-mail with, for example, a supervisor, technical department or police.

All data in one place

In the platform, all relevant object data such as notifications, floor plans, emergency plans and key and contact information can be found centrally by every employee. Changes are updated in only one place and are then available on both desktop and smartphone.

Switch to smartphone

For internal and external rounds, security guards seamlessly switch to the mobile app on a smartphone. Thanks to the secure environment, they continue working worry-free even on this device and have access to all relevant object data to then:

  • Create reports including photos
  • Walk checkpoint routes using NFC tags, bar or QR codes
  • Track alarms from the object(site)

Clear reports to clients

Complete and clear reports are generated of all activities, such as logbook entries, visitor registrations and inspection rounds, which you can automatically e-mail to your clients. Or you give them access to a customer portal, where they can find an overview of planned and executed tasks and followed-up alarms of their object(s). You can also generate management reports of, for instance, the number of logbook entries per category or daily reports in which all activities and reports of one object are bundled.

For more information about object security, head over to our product page