With the dispatcher module, we offer a solution for ARC employees who work at the headquarters of security companies. With this module, the centralists have full control over all incoming alarms and emergency calls. In this blog, we explain exactly how the SequriX dispatcher module works.

More time, less confusion

At the beginning of the shift, the central operator logs into the back office. There, he has an overview of all alarms. Alerts from connected control centers are received digitally via the ARC interface. In addition, the central operator can create an alarm himself at any time. Within the module, it is possible to work on an intervention with several colleagues at the same time, whereby the software synchronizes with the drivers in real time and indicates whether a central operator is already working on the alarm. The advantage: no phone calls and no confusion about the status of an alert.

Indispensable tool

During the shift, the dispatcher module is an indispensable tool. For example, control center staff can see which and how many alarms have recently occurred at a particular property. They also have an overview of which security personnel are on duty, where they are and what task they are currently performing. GPS tracking can, of course, be completely deactivated. The centralist can assign alarms to one or more colleagues. They can also work on alarms themselves, log phone calls and record events.

24/7 access to relevant data

Extensive information and documents can be entered for the objects, which are available to the centralist at all times. This eliminates tedious searching and phone calls, as the drivers also have access to all the information they need during an assignment via the SequriX app. Events, photos and time stamps are constantly synchronized, so that the centralist immediately has all the data for the report. The report to the customer can then be released directly or checked before it is sent.

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