A new functionality within SequriX allows hands-free operation of the software. With the hands-free voice control mode, mobile invigilators can easily follow up alarms while driving, without distractions.

Safer and more efficient

For quite some time, it’s already possible to use SequriX to digitally send alarms to invigilators. Via a separate dispatch module in the web portal, linked with control rooms, a security worker receives an alarm on his smartphone. With the now added voice control mode, all relevant alarm information of alarms sent to the invigilator’s smartphone is now read aloud.

Without having to touch the screen of a device equipped with SequriX, the invigilator gains access to the full functionality. The user of SequriX is notified by a short beep of the active voice control mode after an alarm has been received. Using simple voice commands, the invigilator can follow up the alarm in the same way as he or she would do with finger control. Examples of the functionality are starting, accepting, refusing or postponing an alarm message.

Developed with customer input

SequriX has implemented the functionality at the request of various customers. Thanks to this mode, the use of SequriX in the car is safer and invigilators work more efficiently while on the road. The voice control mode is now available for all SequriX customers.