Patrol Tour Planning
Efficient Routing

Walk predefined routes using NFC tags, bar/QR codes or GPS points. Special checks are also possible at any time. 

Incident Logging_Photos
Event Logging With Photos

For the best reporting, SequriX includes an extensive incident capturing with photos, contextual categories and text modules 

Automated Reports
Automated Reporting

Our system generates digital reports of all activities. You can send it automatically via e-mail or check it first.


Checkpoints with NFC, GPS & QR/Barcodes

Optimal Evidence of the Service Provided

Create checkpoint routes based on individual checkpoints using NFC, GPS or barcode technology, ensuring that all activities are carried out in accordance with your customer contracts. Your security staff is always seamlessly guided through their mobile patrols using digital to-do lists.


Automated reporting of services

Full Transparency for Your Customers

Save time with automated reporting without the need for manual transcription or the risk of losing handwritten notes. Stay in control by selecting the information and when it gets sent. Our system delivers clear digital reports of activities, which are also accessible through our customer portal, ensuring increased transparency for your customers.


Photos & Incident Registration

Incident Registration Made Easy

The process of reporting an incident may be hindered by language barriers or the difficulty of describing the situation accurately. Our situation-specific standard texts prevent this. Additionally, our photo feature is a quicker and more straightforward way of documenting incidents, making it easy for your customer to see what has happened.


In-app Instructions & offline accessibility

Guaranteed 24/7 Information Access

Empower security officers with access to documents where and whenever needed. Eliminate workflow disruptions caused by information gaps or restricted access to documents. Ensure with object-specific service instructions that your employees fulfil all requirements of the agreed service.


Task & Shift Planning

Clearly Structured Operational Planning

Generate a digital to-do list for security officers based on their strategically planned route. Ensure clear and organized on-site activities for security officers, eliminating the risk of forgetting crucial tasks.

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Customer Quotes

What Our Customers Think About Us

SequriX is easy to understand and can be used quickly by all employees, all in one place. A real added value for our company.


SequriX has enabled us to achieve much better documentation and traceability in our on-site security.

avitea Industrieservice GmbH Christian Hetzel

With SequriX we are always up to date software-wise in case of market developments.


Response time has now become a matter of seconds thanks to the connection with SequriX. Previously, it took up to 5 minutes by phone before a suitable security guard was found at an external surveillance company to follow up the alarm. All communication is digital and automated.

Securitas Netherlands

Mobile Patrol

All Features at a Glance

Find all important features clearly listed in this overview.

(Integrated With) Mobile Patrol
Mobile Patrol

Fully comprehensive mobile patrol system with tours, patrol tour planning and automated reports.

Patrol Tour Planning
Tour Feature

Run predefined tours or create special checks at any time.

Checkpoint scan
Checkpoint Scan

Checkpoints with NFC tags, bar codes, QR-codes und GPS-geofencing.

Incident Logging_new
Incident Logging

Extensive incident logging with context-dependent categories and text modules.

Incident Logging_Photos

Photo feature with time stamps and possibility for comments.

Automated Reports
Automated Reports

Reports are automatically created by SequriX. You determine when the report is sent to the customer.

Shift Planning_new
Patrol Tour Planning

Thanks to shift and task planning, your employees will have the perfect to-do list and will no longer forget a tour.

Lone Worker Protection_new
Lone Worker Protection

Integrated lone worker protection with panic feature, dead man and routine messages.

Flexible Forms
Flexible Forms

Configure individual forms and make them available to your employees digitally.

Mobile Patrol

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still unanswered questions? Don't worry! Check out our FAQ-section. Here you'll find more details about our product.

You can choose between NFC, GPS and manual tags as well as bar- and QR codes.

Of course. Switching to SequriX should be as easy as possible for you. Therefore, you can continue to use your current hardware. All you have to do is to register them through our app.

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Curious about whether the platform meets all your requirements?
Book an online demo and we would like to show you how SequriX can improve your security company.