Managing operation and administration

Register and manage data centrally

In the backoffice, you register and manage all customer addresses, contacts and object information in detail: from floor plans, keys and warning contacts to ARCs, alarmcodes and useful contacts, such as a glazier. You register everything in one system. SequriX helps you to organize and manage the data.

Backoffice Planning

Efficiently schedule shifts

With the built-in schedule function you can allocate all tasks, such as patrols and property inspections, optimally over the shifts of your security officers. Ad hoc tasks, temporary exceptions or adjustments are easily added to existing shifts.

Your operation in control

Track and trace

See in real time where your security officers are located and directly send them alarms or new tasks. Once a task is completed, the reports are immediately visible in the backoffice.

Task review

Check carried out tasks and edit reports if necesarry, before you send them to your customers.


Automatically generate and send invoices to your customers. The invoices are also easily exported to your own accounting system. Retyping invoices will be a thing of the past.

Your benefits:

  • Full overview of all data
  • Optimize your operation
  • Professional reports and invoices
  • Save on administration costs
  • Do not miss any billing possibility
  • Create as many users as you want