Connection with Alarm Receiving Centres

More and more Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) connect to the software system SequriX. With this connection ARCs automatically forward alarm messages to the appropriate security officer in the field. The security officers receive the message directly on their smartphone, making telephone contact with the ARC no longer necessary.

SequriX takes into account variables such as the type of alarm and the GPS coordinates of the on-duty security officer. Do you want to use this connection? Contact us!

Automatische dispatch

Automatic dispatch of alarms

SequriX sends the alarm to the most suitable security officer in the field, without phone contact with the ARC. The officer receives the notification on his/her smartphone and in a blink hase access to all the instructions needed to follow up the alarm. Is the officer finished with his/her task? Then you simply send digital reports to your customers.

Digitally check armed status of alarm systems

With the SequriX app it is even possible to check if the alarm system is armed again. Officers arm the alarm and send a message with their smartphone to the ARC. Once it has been verified they receive a message on their smartphone and can immediately proceed to their next task. Also for this process phone contact with the ARC is no longer needed.

How it works

1. The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) receives the alarm message.

2. The alarm message is digitally sent to the most suitable security officer. 

3. The officer receives the alarm on the smartphone and logs findings.

4. The report is sent back to the ARC and is also avaible in the backoffice.

Your benefits

  • Drastically shortens alarm response process
  • Digitally check armed status of alarm systems
  • Check alarm reports before customers receive them
  • No lost alarm reports

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